What Causes Low Semen Volume?

There are several different reasons why a man suffers from low semen volume.  Most of these reasons do not have serious medical consequences, but can be detrimental to their relationships and sex lives. 

Many men believe that a diminishing volume of semen is just another sign of getting older.  However, in reality, they do not have to suffer the negative consequences of low semen volume. Instead, by seeking effective treatments, men can boost the amount of semen that they ejaculate and produce.

Reasons for Low Semen Volume that Require a Doctor’s Help

There are two common reasons for low semen volume that require the help of a doctor. These are not serious problems, although they might at times produce some pain.

Low semen volume could be a sign of a blockage or retrograde ejaculation. Luckily, it is usually pretty simple to determine if your low semen volume is a result of either of these problems. A blockage will usually cause some pain or discomfort, which indicates that you should probably see a doctor to make sure that you are in good condition.

If you experience retrograde ejaculation, then your semen is going into your bladder. You might notice that you have orgasms that are just as long and intense as those that produce regular amounts of ejaculation, but you may notice semen in your urine.

Low Semen Volume from Low Testosterone

The most likely cause for low semen volume is low levels of testosterone. Your body relies on testosterone to determine how much semen to produce.  Fundamentally, the more testosterone you have, the more semen you produce. This means that the best treatment for most men that are experiencing low semen volume is to increase their testosterone levels.

Increasing Testosterone for Higher Semen Volume

The most effective, natural way for you to stimulate testosterone production is to take herbal supplements. This does not require a visit to the doctor’s office, and they are completely natural, safe, and free from negative side effects.  There are even products on the market that are specifically designed to increase testosterone and semen production.

Volume Pills has proven itself to be the most effective treatment for most men suffering from low semen volume, but other products like Semenax are also effective. These supplements contain herbs that work together to increase testosterone and semen production, giving you a vivid sexual experience. 

If you experience pain or notice that there is semen in your urine, then you should see a doctor.  However, if you are not experiencing either of these symptoms, then you probably need a boost in your testosterone production. By choosing a semen volume enhancement supplement like Volume Pills, you will produce bigger loads of semen within weeks – without even having to visit the doctor.




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